Learn how PlanCraft can help you optimize your workflow, so you can save Time and Money

Highlight your projects based on their priority
projects highlighted in different colors based on the handmade projects priority

Setting the priority of a project to certain level not only makes it have a keyword attached, but makes the project stand out of the rest in the list!

There are four priority levels available to choose from, each highlighted with a different color in the projects lists:

  • Red means urgent – the projects that need to be finished as soon as possible

  • Yellow means high priority – you should think about finishing these projects soon

  • Blue means low priority – don’t worry, or don’t worry yet. But it would be nice to work on the blue ones, too.

  • White is for the medium priority – all other projects, that don’t need a special status.

Never miss an important project: distinguish your projects by their color!

Filtering the projects list
search filters for DIY and handmade projects by project name, by customer name, by priority or by category

Searching through the projects list can become a difficult task as you fill up the list. That’s why PlanCraft has a filtering option that let’s you get to the project you need in an instance.

You can search by the name of the project. You can also search for all the projects of a specific customer, or a customer who’s name matches what you wish.

Priorities and categories filtering is also there, so you can see only the necessary projects at any time.

You must be aware that, by default, the projects that have been marked as finished won’t show up in the list. To see older projects that are done, you have yo open the filters and un-tick the checkbox next to “show only unfinished projects”.

See just the projects you need to see by applying the filters available in the main screen!

Going shopping? You have the supplies lists with you anytime!
generate shopping supplies list for all ongoing diy projects, sort the supplies 
by all suppliers or by a certain supplier

Whenever you go shopping, just take out your phone and go to PlanCraft’s shopping lists. You can filter the list by supplier, so you know exactly what to buy from each store.

As you buy the items, tick them directly in the shopping list. They will be ticked on the project too, so you know when you have all the supplies for each project.

Don’t have time to go shopping? Don’t worry, you can share the shopping list to somebody else. Just tap the share icon, and a list in a text format can be send to somebody else using any other app you want (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Gmail).

If you just need the supplies for one project, go to the project and share it’s separate shopping list.

Shopping lists are a great tool to manage the supplies needed for your projects. Share them with anybody else, in case you don’t have the time to go to the store!

Manage all your customers in one place
building a customers list is part of growing your business in a healthy way

Did you know that you can see all your customers in a separate list in PlanCraft?

Whenever you need to change a customer’s details, such as the phone number, the email or even the additional notes, you can do that by selection “Customers” from the menu on the main screen. Any change will update all the projects of that customer, so you can easily contact them without having to search for the updated info.

You can also edit the customer’s info from the project. This was made so you won’t have to exit the project details. You can now focus on having your project data entered correctly.

No matter if you are editing a project or you want to update a customer’s details, do it without interrupting your work!

A tools list is always handy
I created a tools list where I add everything from woodworking and welding tools to garden tools and art and crafts tools

Create a list of all your tools. You’ll just have to make this effort once. Each time you’ll set up a new project, you can easily tick the tools you need.

The tools selection option is very useful especially when you are working in a remote location, as it helps you take everything you need with you.

Keep an inventory of your tools and select them as needed for each project!

Assign one or more Categories
I organized my projects according to my needs: interior, outdoor, woodworking, garden, adjustments, upholstery

When adding a new project, it will be assigned the “Default” category. You can add as many categories as you wish, making it easy to identify each project and to organize them as you wish.

Project filtering by categories makes it a breeze to search one topic at a time, even when one project may cover more categories.

Get organized with categories for your projects. You can assign as many categories as you wish, by simply ticking them in the pop up list

Duplicate Project
the PlanCraft duplicate project function save time because you can use all the details of an old handmade project to add them to a new one

This is the quickest way to re-create a new project identical with an old one. You don’t need to add all the details, such as the supplies or the tools, again.

All you have to do is open a project and select Duplicate from the menu. Then open the duplicated project and change the details if you want to. You can change anything such as the project name, the customer , the start date, the due date, the priority, the category or anything else.

Tick the supplies you know you already have in stock. Then you can generate the shopping list for the project and even share it with somebody else.

Duplicating an old project takes just a few seconds and you are ready to go and make it again!

Always know the right price
the total value calculated by PlanCraft based on the working hours, the materials and the margin for a DIY kitchen vegetables storage bin

PlanCraft automatically calculates the Value of each project, based on the data entered. It takes into account almost anything: the Supplies used, the Working Hours and the Hourly rate and the Profit margin.

Are you a DIY person? Or are you simply making something for yourself? Get a clear quote simply by setting the hourly rate and profit margin to zero. All the costs will be there, so you’ll have a good estimation of what it will cost in the end. Keep the estimated work hours too, so you’ll know how well you know yourself and your skills.

If you are a contractor or a craftsman, just set the working hours and hourly rate, so you value your work correctly. If you also need supplies, just add them and PlanCraft calculates the total value for you.

Stop guessing the right prices and losing money! PlanCraft will always take into account all the costs!

Add sketches, notes, images, or anything you can think of!
we added a photo to our DIY project and wrote some notes about it

Use PlanRight’s feature to add any type of image to each project. You can also assign a note to each file, in case you need to do some clarifications.

You can even add the photos of the done project, so you can easily find photos in the future, in case you need to show it to another customer.

Keep anything related to a project with the project!