PlanCraft – your all in one projects organizer

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Take the shopping lists with you anywhere!

generate shopping supplies list for all ongoing diy projects, sort the supplies 
by all suppliers or by a certain supplier

Whenever you go shopping, just take out your phone and go to PlanCraft’s shopping lists. You can filter the list by supplier, so you know exactly what to buy from each store.

As you buy the items, tick them directly in the shopping list. They will be ticked on the project too, so you know when you have all the supplies for each project.

Don’t have time to go shopping? Don’t worry, you can share the shopping list to somebody else. Just tap the share icon, and a list in a text format can be send to somebody else using any other app you want (like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Gmail).

If you just need the supplies for one project, go to the project and share it’s separate shopping list.

Shopping lists are a great tool to manage the supplies needed for your projects. Share them with anybody else, in case you don’t have the time to go to the store!